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A Hard Day in Jerusalem

With good news and an amusing end


Maybe we pilgrims have been together too long, at least the women among us, for we are starting to look alike. See Mary Quinlan, Hope Eakins and Audrey Lamy below. Maybe we are feeling alike for we all came out of the Holocaust Museum subdued and upset. How could such shameful behavior happen? How could such disgusting inhumanity go unchecked? What kind of mothers did these Nazis have? And why didn’t the German people rebel? How did Hitler get such a hold on their souls? The Holocaust wasn’t a war, it was the systematic murder of six million human beings who had done no wrong. They were just being who they were created to be. And how can we make sure this evil is never repeated? Had Vashem is in undated with waves of Israeli soldiers, because a visit here is a compulsory part of their training. This is understandable because these young people have to put their own lives on the line to protect the population from another atrocity, another war ... but seeing this military presence in a place that is deliberate in showing the horrors of a Nazi military presence makes us uncomfortable. We see the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians and wonder why nobody learned a lesson ... and why nobody seems to read the Bible, at least the part about God giving the Israelites the Promised Land with the condition that they treat everyone in the land with justice and love the strangers as themselves.

We also saw tiny signs of hope. We saw the trees planted for the Righteous Among the Nations, people who risked their own lives to save the lives of Jews. We saw this magnificent museum that cuts through the land as it cuts through our hearts, built in 1957 with much of it paid for by German reparation support, the penance that follows repentance. We heard the names of one and a half million children read at the Children’s Memorial where one candle flickers, reflected infinitely in this dark space filled with anguish...

Later we will return to East Jerusalem where we hear the anguish of the Palestinian parents whose children have no hope because they are forced to live in refugee camps and have no rights in their own land. Both sides live in fear. Dear Lord guide us into the ways of peace.

While we were at the museum we rejoiced to hear from Jeff Verney that the eight pilgrims who departed for home earlier today had arrived safely in the USA. Praise God!

Finally we explored the fabulous archeological exhibits at the Israel Museum and some us went to the fine gift shop there. Prominent displayed are the Freudian slippers pictured below, perhaps because of the special exhibition on Sigmund Freud. While at the museum, we rejoiced to hear from Jeff Verney that the eight pilgrims who departed for home earlier today had arrived safely in the USA. Praise God







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The New York Times, on Sept. 25, had an op ed by the Palestinian ambassador about the treatment by the administration. He is hopeful that this will lead to a positive outcome. (I will print and save.

by HARRIET D Odlum

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